Paradero Posta, Centro Poblado de Yanahuara, Urubamba, Cusco, Perú
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Our Philosophy
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In Inkallpa Valle Sagrado Lodge & Spa we care about the environment and is very important to work causing the least possible impact is why we detail everything we do for the planet and for our community.

  • We use efficient lighting: all lights are low consumption, we are also in flux for luminaires and LED lights.
  • Our buildings are made almost entirely with local materials, reducing transport and thus reduce fuel use.
  • The exterior walls of the buildings are 45 cm adobe material with high thermal inertia that stores heat from the sun during the day and releasing it at night when temperatures are lower. 85% of adobes in the constructions were made in the same hotel.
  • For all our constructions we have used materials such as adobe, wood and stone. 85% of our buildings is biodegradable.
  • We are implementing a food management system will reduce the amount of waste generated.
  • We keep track of on / off of the baths to reduce gas consumption.
  • We encourage staff to be places to work and give to the people of Yanahuara. Thus, 95% of workers Inkallpa live less than 1km from the hotel. This also reduces fuel consumption in transportation to and from work.
  • The water in our tub is preheated by solar thermal panels thus reducing the need for fossil energy.
  • We separate our waste, depositing only 30% away the rest is separated into: organic, cans, plastic containers, glass, cardboard and paper.
  • With our organic waste we compost for our gardens. Other waste recycled are sold by weight recyclers, with the money raised and the support of some friends help make improvements alaescuela Yanahuara. So far we have worked with 2 printers, kitchenware, bond leaves, adobes for infrastructure and partially pay the salary of an auxiliary initial education.
  • We are starting school support the high Andean community Chupani (4000 m).
  • We perform periodic maintenance to ensure that no dripping or leaking pipes and faucets.
  • Promote water saving and energy asking guests participating in a reuse system towels if staying more than one night.
  • We have a digester for wastewater treatment. All our sanitary facilities are separating gray water (sinks, showers and tubs) sewage (toilets).
  • Greywater reuse all our facilities for garden irrigation infiltration.
  • The garden plants are native decreasing the amount of irrigation water needed.